Springfield VA Real Estate, Springfield area and Community Information

Homebuyers who are thinking about purchasing Springfield VA real estate might have an interest in learning more about the area that they could be relocating to. There is more to investing in Springfield VA homes than simply investing in the homes themselves. When you purchase Springfield homes, you are also investing in the Springfield community as a whole. Therefore, it is essential that you research more than just the Springfield real estate market prior to making your decision to invest.


Real estate in Springfield is located in an area that is designated for census data purposes. Springfield is actually a suburb of Washington, D.C. and had an approximate population of 30,000 people in 2010. Springfield was founded as early as 1847 near the Orange and Alexandria Railroad’s Daingerfield Station. The area was mostly a rural area until the Springfield Mall opened, turning it into a retail destination. Consequently, you can expect many Springfield homes for sale to be located near plenty of shopping.

Parks and Recreation

Springfield properties are located in an area that boasts much natural beauty. The city takes pride in that fact, which is evidenced through the many parks and recreational areas that it has established throughout its acreage. Fairfax County has devoted more than 50 square miles of land for residents to enjoy in the form of public parks. Visit the following destination to learn more about the parks in the county: www.fairfaxcountyeda.org.

Attractions and Activities

Homes for sale in Springfield are not only located near plenty of shopping, but they are also located near other attractions as well. Springfield has been around for a long time and is, therefore, a historic area that has many historic attractions, such as the American Horticultural Society at George Washington Farm and the Arcadia Farm. The Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism is also a popular patriotic attraction.


The Springfield home buyer who yearns to live in a community where there is plenty to do won’t be saddened with Springfield where there is always something going on. Many of the events in Springfield and arts and entertainment ones, but there are also sports and recreation ones for people who prefer those sorts of activities. Examples of the types of events held in Springfield include Blame Canada, Monuments, Villains and more and various other events. See Springfield’s event calendar here: https://www.americantowns.com/va/springfield/events.

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